An ending and a starting…

I managed to finish my project task and now my round of the Outreachy program has come to an end. I am very thankful for all support from my mentor, Lenz, and all technical feedback from the rest of the team – in particular Ricardo D. I have learned tremendously much and had a great […]

Things Take Time

It is really hard to make a correct estimate for how much time is needed for a project beforehand. For my Outreachy project, I needed to come up with a timeline already during the application process. By that time I had barely grasped what the task was all about… Consequently, my timeline was very high […]

A short introduction to Ceph

Ceph is an open-source project, meaning anyone can contribute. However, there are people that work with Ceph for a living. For the Ceph Manager Dashboard, there is a group of around 15 people that are employed either by SUSE or by Red Hat. These are the people that I refer to when I talk about […]

Things I learned so far

Just reading about something can feel very unproductive. When I encounter something I don’t understand I write up questions I need to know, e.g. “what is the difference between json and yaml?” Sometimes I come up with the answer myself and sometimes I need to ask for help. This is a good way to keep […]

Initial struggles

Thankfully, my Outreachy application got approved, so two week ago I started on a project for Ceph. Ceph Manager Dashboard has a Swagger UI-page, a common way of provide information about REST API. On the page, all REST API endpoints for the dashboard are listed, but the documentation is incomplete: it lacks several descriptions, parameter […]

Applying to Outreachy and Ceph

In order to be accepted by Outreachy, the applicant have to make a contribution the project she/he wants to work in. In my case this meant solving a “low-hanging-fruit” bug in Ceph’s issue tracker. To get there I first had to set up the environment. First I installed a Ubuntu Linux in a virtual machine, […]

Why Outreachy and Ceph?

I’ve been coding for fun for some years but I have never worked as a developer. I’ve been solving puzzles like Project Euler and Advent of Code, doing online courses in Java, JavaScript and Python, etc. But I would like to take this further and since I’m currently on parental leave, now is a good […]